About Lotoo

1、About Lotoo
Lotoo, founded in 1999, is the professional audio brand of Beijing Infomedia Electronic Technology Co. ltd., Lotoo has the top level professional audio technology R&D team in Asia.
Over the years, Lotoo has been committed to providing the world's highest levels of professional recording and playback products. Products are exported to the United States, Canada, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, France, Poland, and Spain, Finland and other more than 30 countries and regions.
2、Hi-Fi Our Awards of PAW

1.Japan VGP 2016 (portable player over 150,000 yen)
2. "My favorite portable player 2015"on the forum - erji.net(over 5000 RMB)
3. 4.5 stars in the Hi-Fi Choice magazine of the UK
3、Our Vision
We hope Lotoo products will touch each corner of the world.
We hope everyone in the world can enjoy quality audio technology products from Lotoo.
4、Our Culture
As a team of Lotoo, we share the same relentless pursuit of perfection,
constantly refining and enhancing our products to create the best user experience possible. We are also fearless in testing new ideas and pushing our own boundaries. 

5、Global Partners