Q1: How to self-define PMEQ and My Scheme for users of PAW Gold Touch & PAW 6000?


Q2: Regarding Lexar SD/Micro SD card compatibility issue:

A: It has been brought to our attention that users of the Lotoo PAW Gold/Gold Touch/6000 may encounter an issue regarding compatibility with Lexar SD/Micro SD cards.
When playing high bitrate music files (e.g. 24bit/384KHz or DSD256), noises/pop sound can sometimes be heard if the card has been used for around 20-30 mins. A speed test shows the read rate can drop down to 700-800k byte/s in this case.
This issue is mainly found on Lexar 667x and 633x SD/ Micro SD cards.

Q3: Is there any recommended formatting tool for SD/Micro SD cards?

A: Some SD/Micro SD cards may have corrupted sectors that cause freezing (debug screen) on Lotoo PAW Gold/Gold Touch/6000. It appears that regular formatting on PC/MAC does not solve the problem. Instead, we recommend this tool (see link below) that can perform low-level formatting to disable the bad sectors:
Please remember to back up your data on the card before you start the formatting process.

Q4: Can the internet be accessed while using the Wi-Fi function on PAW Gold Touch / PAW 6000?

A: Firmware Update can be performed by using the Wi-Fi function in the system menu. This function does not support access to an internet connection.